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Playing Through (2024) Hindi Full Movie Download 1080p

Late in her career, Ann Gregory finds the courage to be the first woman of color to enter the USGA Women's Amateur. She collides with Babs Whatling, a privileged white woman from the south who is searching for her own identity.

  • Original Title: Playing Through
  • Genre: Hollywood / Films / Biography / Drama / Sports
  • Director(s): Balbinka Korzeniowska
  • cast(s): Andia Winslow, Julia Rae, Timothy V. Murphy, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Sam Daly, Kristin Wollett, John Anderson, Jeremy Gabriel, Skyler Elyse Philpot, Steve Heinz, Kiana Nicole Washington, Cesar Caolo, Charles Harrelson, Jacquie Schmidt, Lauren O'Quinn, Bryson JonSteele, Moses Jones, Anne Hollister, Blake Leon, Neil Parren, Tony Senzamici, Rod Grant, Raheem Babalola, Alexander Averbukh, Katie Jones, Marc Bashoor, Dan Johnson, James L. Lincoln, Lisa Acebo, Barbora Sulova, Novius Hanson, Nick Sloan, Justin Deavers, Kathryn Parks, Cameron Francis, Landon Price, Sean Heslep, Clint Robinson, Jeffery Herrin, Marc Bicking, Bonnie Agan, Jaliyah Campbell, Deisi Del Toro, Ramiyah Henderson, Tabatha Conza, Dawn Storm, JD Stauffer, Katie Voorhees, Tim Pulnik, Michael A. Blank, Lilia Kay, Olivia Shanafelt, Keith Wheeler
  • Runtime: 91 min
  • TMDB: ---
  • Quality: WEB-DL
Playing Through WEB-DL 2024
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