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Say Cheese (2022) Hindi Full Movie Download 1080p

Thierry - very much loves photos, more true to do a photo for memory, all know that the past will not return any more, but generally in the past and there are best moments of life. Of course, the photo will not return the past in any way, but can help to remember the happy past, looking at which it is possible both to have a little cry and to smile and to remember some romantic dawn or one of the most joyful news... Children will grow up and we will grow old, and on a photo we same also will remain (the children and young people happy).

Clare once was very happy wife of Thierry, but in 30 years of feeling grew cold and it is hard to say at whom exactly, at it, it seems, still is to the wife of feeling, and at her everything is already cold... Couple has wonderful adult children who, it seems, achieved something in life and parents very much are proud that managed to raise such clever children. But Thierry in the spirit therefore cannot but just hide the feelings and always tries to imprint some important point in life of children, start up it from outside and looks silly or it is even ugly. Here so all lived, and it would be very desirable to add to pleasures, but the father eternally something spoils also Clare to suffer its and its tricks already became unbearable... Probably the divorce will be the best decision for all...

  • Original Title: Say Cheese
  • Genre: Comedy / Hollywood / Films
  • Director(s): François Uzan
  • cast(s): Jacques Gamblin, Pascale Arbillot, Pablo Pauly, Agnès Hurstel, Ludovik, Nicolas Politis, Manos Gavras, Despoina Hariati, Mariella Savvides, Thanasis Stefosis, Giorgos Papageorgiou, Evi Houvabli, Manolis Mavromatakis, Mariella Savidou
  • Runtime: 95 min min
  • TMDB: 6.1
  • Quality: WEB-DL
Say Cheese WEB-DL 2022
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