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Sniper: The White Raven (2022) Hindi Full Movie Download 1080p

War history always postpones an indelible impression, for many people any mention of war will bring unpleasant emotions, unless it is possible to speak about it quietly, knowing that any battle takes away lives of innocent people. Mikola always wanted to be useful society, he was against war, taught at school, and dreamed that he will never face terrible consequences of war, but the destiny decided to feel to it all horror from military operations. The guy also did not assume that shortly he should face the terrible tragedy when the trouble comes to his house.

When Donbass included troops, in the territory of the city heavy fighting began to happen, the real horror, in a stream of light-weapons fire, constant detonation of grenades was created, civilians perished. The main character became one of the victims in this tragedy, his pregnant wife was killed, and the house which he so loved was reduced to ashes. Mikolle was succeeded to survive in this turmoil and as soon as he regained consciousness and recovered from wounds, the man decides to join troops and to begin the new way where he will adhere only to the revenge. Desire to revenge for the died darling and not born child brings it to the murderer whom he so long looked for, and will try to make his life intolerable now.

  • Original Title: Sniper: The White Raven
  • Genre: War / Hollywood / Films / Drama
  • Director(s): Marian Bushan
  • cast(s): Павло Алдошин, Maryna Koshkina, Andrei Mostrenko, Roman Semysal
  • Runtime: 111 min min
  • TMDB: 5.8
  • Quality: WEB-DL
Sniper: The White Raven WEB-DL 2022
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