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Long Lost (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download 1080p

The young man by the name of Seth gets involved in the complicated story connected with old secrets about which he never knew. It is heavy to become to live when unexpectedly try to open for you the secret hidden from you for many years from this point can strongly change everything, plans, outlook, mood, the attitude towards those who meanly acted this way. The main character just gets involved in such bad story where set new tasks and uyel on further life for him, burdening difficult and not absolutely pleasant emotions, connected with treachery and strict laws, observing all participants of this family community.

Once the guy is invited to the beautiful mansion which is completely isolated from the outside world, it is hidden from eyes of the person, and does not admit to itself(himself) not familiar persons. Having got on an invited party, he unexpectedly unites to the lost stepbrother Richard, being the millionaire in rather young years. These days off for Seth will be a real discovery, he should get acquainted with the new world, and with it it will be helped by the mysterious acquaintance of the brother Abbie. It is capable to get by means of the psychological analysis into consciousness of the person and to ship it in the rabbit hole filled with temptation and luxury, bound with intrigues and terrible treacheries.

  • Original Title: Long Lost
  • Genre: Thriller / Films / Hollywood / Drama / Mystery
  • Director(s): Erik Bloomquist
  • cast(s): Adam Weppler, Catherine Corcoran, Nicholas Tucci, Fran Kranz
  • Runtime: 94 min min
  • TMDB: 5
  • Quality: WEB-DL
Long Lost WEB-DL 2018
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